Understanding Employment Federal and State Laws

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As we know, each state in the United States of America is regulated by their own laws barring those of federal laws. All states are required to abide by federal laws of which are implemented and guided by the legislative and executive federal government.

When it comes to the employment laws of South Carolina; some are specific to the state, whereas others are enforced by federal laws. Below, we outline the common employment laws applicable to South Carolina.

Types of Laws

In employment contracts, it is mandatory for employers to stipulate their company policies and leave benefits. Here, we cover Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Voting Leave, Jury Duty, and Bereavement Leave.

Vacation Leave

In South Carolina, it is not mandatory for employers to provide vacation leave or payment of such leave. If the company does provide vacation leave, the employer is required to stipulate so in their policies and in the employment contract.

Sick Leave

It is not mandatory for employers to provide paid or unpaid sick leave unless specifically stated in company policy or the employee’s contract of employment.

Bereavement Leave

South Carolina does not have a law stating that this type of leave is mandatory unless the employer has decided to allow this for their employees.

Voting Leave

There is also no state law here that requires employers to allocate time off work to vote.

Jury Duty

The same applies to jury duty, however, an employee cannot, by law, be dismissed or demoted because the employee has been requested for jury duty.

In South Carolina, there are no set laws regarding overtime, lunch breaks, or severance pay. However, federal laws of paid and unpaid overtime apply.

State Holidays Recognized by South Carolina

Most public holidays are recognized in the state of South Carolina. However, it is at the discretion of public and private companies to decide if employees have the benefit of taking those days off or not due to the closing of the business on that particular day.

It is advised to be aware of all policies and stipulations of one’s employment contract.

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