About Me


Isn’t it great to have online resources to educate people on so many things? As the saying goes – Knowledge is Power!

My name is Maria Rodriquez and I have developed this blog to help you and others understand all of South Carolina’s laws and basic human rights. I believe that providing awareness and education on anything relating to the law of our state is imperative.

Content I have on this site highlights important information about how our laws came about and what protects our laws. For example, the legislative and the executive branches of the federal government. The legislative branch makes the laws and the executive branch enforces these laws.

Other topics I have covered are the rights of children which are just as important as any law in our country. I’ve also provided content related to the federal and state laws that apply to employment rights specifically to South Carolina.

If there is anything else you would like to see on my website, pop over to the Contact Me page!